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 Wave-ingHumanisticism, Loneliness, You, Crowds

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Crowds ,Brooklyn Revisited, Funny Bunny, Virga, and Of Course

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Review of The Art of Topiary, by Jan Wagner

Review of The Tornado is the World, by Catherine Pierce

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Questions and Other Answers: An Imaginary Q & AMoorman Symposium Brings Descendants of the New York School to Mississippi, Love Songs have All the Answers, Poetry & Taxidermy, Every Girl's Dream


Encyclopédie of the Common & Encompassing, Kore Press, April 2016


"Just Relaxing," "Indecision in the School Yard," "Everywhere You Go," Valley Voices, Spring 2018

"New You," Copper Nickel, Spring 2017

“Animals,” The Florida Review, Fall 2016

“Necessity,” “Wake,” “Zugzwang,” The Cincinnati Review, Fall 2015

"Wave-ing," Switchback, Fall 2015

"Infant," Westerly, Fall 2015

“Asking,” and “Rain,” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, Winter 2012

“City,” and “Crowds,” Burntdistrict, Fall 2012

“Just,” The Pinch, Fall 2012

“&,” Harpur Palate, Summer/Fall 2012

“Body,” and “Cemetery,” Armchair/Shotgun, Summer 2012

“Humanisticism,” “Loneliness,” and “You”, Witness Summer 2012

“What to Know,” Rattle, Summer 2011

“A Long Time Up Hard Mountain,” Labletter Spring 2011

“Chopin, Sheep, Feet,” Chopin with Cherries, An Anthology, Spring 2010

“Why I want to Believe we’re Planets,” big bell, Fall 2009

“Crawl up the Wall,” big bell, Fall 2009

“Love Bucket,” Court Green, Winter 2008

“Says” Court Green, Winter 2008

“Bathtub Fishing and Chances for Remake” VERSE Blog, May 2007

“Vampire Style” Slant, Spring 2007

“It Wasn’t a Planting” The Pinch, Spring 2007

“Rum-Tum-Tum” Rio Grande Review, Fall 2006

“Dim and Out” Marginalia, Fall 2006

Poetry & Visual Art Hybrid

"Dennis Talks to the Future," Tammy, Fall 2016

“Big Game” and “Checkerboard,” STORY, Winter 2015

“Crowds,” Drunken Boat, Fall 2015

“Fault,” “Accident,” and “Walking” Product Spring 2014

“Equanimity,” and “Skeletons,” Palooka, Spring 2012

Critical Works

“Irreverent Nature: Frank O’Hara as Poet of City Ecology” Valley Voices, New York

School and Diaspora: Special Issue, Fall 2014

Reviews & Interviews

The Art of Topiary, by Jan Wagner. Rain Taxi, Winter 2018

The Tornado is the World, by Catherine Pierce. Rain Taxi, Spring 2017

Dear, Sincerely, by David Hernandez. Rain Taxi, Fall 2016

“Spaces Between: Allison Campbell and Rachel Moritz in Conversation,” Rain TaxiSummer 2016

Responses to poems by David Lehman and Denise Duhamel in Valley Voices, New York

School and Diaspora: Special Issue, Fall 2014

Sixty-Cent Coffee and a Quarter to Dance, by Judy Jordan. The Hollins Critic, July 2005


"What Work Is" The Florida Review, Fall 2016

Guest blogger for Best American Poetry website, May 2014

“Bringing Natural Birth to the Pine Belt” Parents & Kids Magazine, January 2014

“Lucky Rabbit” Parents & Kids Magazine, November 2013

“Halloween for the Wee Ones” Parents & Kids Magazine, October 2013

“Monsters You Should Look Out For” Luna Park, January 2009

“From Japan, With Love” Wine Enthusiast Magazine, June 2008

“Genre Gods of the Short Story Challenge” NYC Midnight, January 2008

“Briongloid” Metropolis, October 2007

“Monkey Mountain” The Tokyo Advocate, May 2007

“Time Machine” Metropolis, January 2008

 “Inside Sake” The Tokyo Advocate, March 2007

“Botanic Art” The Tokyo Advocate, February 2007

“Rock’n All Day Long” The Tokyo Advocate, February 2007

“What’s Corked at Coco Winery” The Tokyo Advocate, December 2006

 “Craftsman Melds Function with Attractive Form” Sassafras, Magazine of Southern Living, July 2005

“Architect Plans for Future, Preserves the Past” Sassafras, Magazine of Southern Living, June 2005

“Laurelite Offers Sense of History and Suspense” Senior Lifestyles, Impact Publications, June 2005

“A Potter’s Impression” Sassafras, Magazine of Southern Living, April 2005

“Knees in the Breeze” Senior Lifestyles, Impact Publications, April 2005

“Abstract in Enjoyment” Sassafras, Magazine of Southern Living, March 2005